Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Good Morning All!!

This morning I awoke quite early and had a few minutes to reflect quietly before the rest of the house rose for the day. I am so thankful that I homeschool my DD1 and have even begun to pray about homeschooling DD2. I have a fabulous DH who loves me and we laugh together ALOT!! I have wonderful pets and my home is almost paid for. We had weather in the upper 60's while my dear friend Mary is dealing with 4 degree weather. That is a big chunk to be thankful for and I hadn't even been thinking for more than a minute or two!!

My home is a disaster at the moment, but I found a new blog that I think will become one of my favorites!! Check out this web site, and let me know what you think.

Let me know what you are thankful for today!! Take a moment and think of the wonderful blessings our Lord has given you. I would even recommend that you write them down!! It doesn't have to be a fancy journal!! I have one friend who places her blessings on post it notes and places them on the inside of the pantry door! By doing this, you will always have a record of those blessings, so when you are having a tough day, it will uplift your spirit and give praise to our Lord.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fighting the Bugs

I wanted to remind everyone that there are surefire ways to combat the bug and flue this season!! Wash your Hands, Wash your Hands and Wash your Hands!!

Also, it is great to teach your children to cough and sneeze into their shirt sleeves!! The bugs/germs cannot live as long on cloth as they do on wonderful skin. In our homeschool, this is what we teach all the children to do in order to cut down on sick time!!

While CVS and Walgreens have wonderful sales on products to give you relief of these symptoms, it is always better to not have them at all. Just a helpful hint during this crazy time!!!

Busy Body Book (BBB)

The Busy Body Book would be a wonderful benefit for our crazy life!! Between two girls that play both indoor and outdoor soccer, are involved in after school activities, church activities, a homeschooler, with a husband that travels ALOT and my own Creative Memories business, it would be nice to have one place to keep all the data!! I have tried color coding and and even different calendars!!

Sisterly Savings!! I would love to win a BBB which might allow me to know which direction my head should be pointed at any one time.

Tackle it Tuesday is a wonderful resource and this would definately be a Tackle it Tuesday event!! Getting our family all on the same page!! It would also be wonderful for blogging ideas as my current way of keeping track gets "lost" many times. I hope to become the winner, thanks for all you do.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

A wonderful Lesson in Praise

Good afternoon, I hope you are having a blessed afternoon. I wanted to share with you a little lesson I learned last night as I sang my solo for the Praise Team leader!! (I sing on the praise team at church and we do solo's on a regular basis.) I was singing "Resurrection" by Nicole Sponburg which is a dynamic song. However, I was trying so hard to be perfect that i was singing softly and quietly, and not dynamically. Our praise team leader made the statement that I needed to "own" my voice in this song and not just sing the melody, but be the lead singer during this and all other solos.

That got me thinking, do I sing the melody when I pray?? or do I own my voice when I go to my prayer closet?? I have to admit that it is a little of both, yet less owning than I should. God's word says to come boldly before his throne, and by only singing the melody or being quiet I am not being bold. I asked the Lord to give me a boldness in my prayers and in my singing. I pray that he will give you a boldness as well. Have a blessed day and be bold before his throne!

Thursday Savings!

Welcome to my blog space Hands Lifted High!! I was at the Super Walmart and got a super deal on some cereal! They had the new Kellogs Gold Frosted Flakes on sale for $1.97! With the coupon from Sundays paper (.70) I ended up paying only $1.27!!! As my dh loves Frosted flakes, this is a great stockpile item!