Thursday, February 7, 2008

A wonderful Lesson in Praise

Good afternoon, I hope you are having a blessed afternoon. I wanted to share with you a little lesson I learned last night as I sang my solo for the Praise Team leader!! (I sing on the praise team at church and we do solo's on a regular basis.) I was singing "Resurrection" by Nicole Sponburg which is a dynamic song. However, I was trying so hard to be perfect that i was singing softly and quietly, and not dynamically. Our praise team leader made the statement that I needed to "own" my voice in this song and not just sing the melody, but be the lead singer during this and all other solos.

That got me thinking, do I sing the melody when I pray?? or do I own my voice when I go to my prayer closet?? I have to admit that it is a little of both, yet less owning than I should. God's word says to come boldly before his throne, and by only singing the melody or being quiet I am not being bold. I asked the Lord to give me a boldness in my prayers and in my singing. I pray that he will give you a boldness as well. Have a blessed day and be bold before his throne!

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